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Al Jazeera, January 2020

Ahead of much-anticipated local elections, I ask residents of the region - known for its good healthcare system and unemployment levels well below the national average - what draws them to the radical right.

Al Jazeera, May 2019

As the Roma community comes under increasing pressure and discrimination around the EU Parliament elections, Ligia and Daniel Tomescu - a women's activist and a writer - try to change the conversation by running for office.

Al Jazeera, December 2018

A new decree severely limiting 'humanitarian protection' stay permits plunged the future of thousands of asylum seekers about to turn 18 into uncertainty by leaving them undocumented.

riaace demo.jpg
riace demo girl.jpg

Deutsche Welle, January 2019

Cameroonian Yvan Sagnet is looking to tackle labor exploitation in agriculture with an ethical label that's meant to challenge the local gangmaster system.

Al Jazeera, November 2018

I went looking for what was left of Domenico Lucano's project to revive the dying village's economy by hosting refugees in homes left empty by Italians who had migrated abroad.

Al Jazeera, October 2018

A photo story from Riace, a small village in the southern Italian region of Calabria, where an estimated 6,000 people protested against the arrest of its mayor Domenico Lucano - accused of aiding and abetting undocumented migration.

migrant mafia.jpg

Deutsche Welle, October 2018

I joined a flight over the Mediterranean with German rescue plane 'Moonbird'. Amid political tussle over refugee rescues, the crew had no ships left to call upon as NGO boats were impounded and commercial vessels stayed away.

Deutsche Welle, October 2018

Two years after a devastating earthquake, bureaucratic chaos has forced many residents of the central Italian town of Visso to move away, and reconstruction has yet to begin.

Deutsche Welle, June 2018

Eleven shop owners who bravely took on their racketeers show that the southern Italian city's multiculturalism has had an impact on breaking down the traditional mafia methods.

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